Am I depressed?


Depression is a common psychological problem that anyone can be faced with at anytime. There are many causes that can result in depression and it is a constant state in which one remains sad and doesn’t want to indulge into any activities of usual life. For many people, depression can take different forms and the symptoms may not be the same for all of them. In spite of this, there are a few symptoms of depression that are rather universal to the problem and will be prevalent in anyone who is depressed. But before you can figure out if you are depressed or not, you must first learn the symptoms of depression.Clinical depression is a rather constant state in which people may continue to be for prolonged periods of time.

Most common symptoms of depression

  • Sleeping
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Loss of hope
  • Negative Thoughts
  • Appetite
  • Behavior
  • Not valuing Life
  • Energy
  • Self-loathing


A more indepth look…

Sleeping: One of the first and foremost of the Symptoms of depression is associated with sleeping. A more in depth look at the sleeping problem can be found on the early signs of depression page.A person who is depressed is not able to sleep and even if they are able to sleep, they can sleep too much.

Inability to concentrate: Depressed people find it hard to concentrate on tasks and daily life and they cannot efficiently perform tasks that they were able to perform easily before.

Loss of hope: There is a constant feeling of helplessness and hopelessness in depression and this feeling eats away at the depressed person and doesn’t go away.

Negative Thoughts: Lack of control over negative thoughts is another one of the symptoms of depression. No matter how hard a depressed person tries, there is no helping the negative thoughts.

Appetite: There is either a loss of appetite or a complete lack of control over eating. Irritability and short-temperedness is another one of the symptoms that prevail during depression.

Behavior: When a person is depressed, he or she would be more aggressive in behavior than usual and would be irritated by little things. Increased consumption of alcohol and indulgence in reckless behavior characterize as the top symptoms of depression in a person.

Not valuing Life: For people who are depressed, it is a common symptom to consider that life has no meaning or value and is useless. At extreme levels, a depressed person may even try to take his or her own life.

Energy: The loss of energy is another of the symptoms and is quite common in many people.

Self-loathing: A constant feeling of self-loathing lingers during depression and a person is indulged in guilt and blaming self for the problems.

If you find yourself saying yes to any of the above you most likely have depression, but not to worry it can be easily ‘cured’.

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